shut'em down

A four part documentary 

When the voices for Racial Barriers meet the Unions, Street Thugs and The Mob, their only choice is to FIGHBACK 

alex 2guns

Alex 2GUNS Introduction Season Trailer staring Anais Almonte and Co-Staring Taleon Goffney and Paul Caamano. Watch this new fearless, strong action star kickass in this new web series. Story by Anais Almonte, Directed by Joseph Ariola 


GREED is a hard-hitting depiction of how New York’s lucrative construction industry is systematically shaken down by The Mob, Minority Non-Union Labor Groups, and White-Collar City Officials. This gritty, modern-day “On The Waterfront” . The show delves into murderous coalition gangs, wise-guys shaking downs the city for contracts, and city officials who will stop at nothing to line their own pockets. 


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